Horizontal image: Chapter start from Qlikview sales guide (24 pages).
Vertical images: Template design, and production of white papers, including
the creation of graphics, tables, charts, icons, etc.

Single pages from Apigee sales guides with matrix pattern as graphic element.
Vertical images: Template design, and production of white papers,
often conforming to company branding guidelines for color and font use.

College catalogs, four per year. Right: Single page from Medi-Cal County Data Book.
Similar data for 58 counties (138 pages) 58 pie charts, 116 bar graphs, 58 comparison tables.
Both include all production, with hundreds of pages of text formatting (kern files adjusted).

Campaign mailer and class handout for fitness instructor.
Design, font choices and layout to final print ready.
Small businesses and non-profits are common clients.

Promotional materials for cooking instructor: learn technique, keep recipe page.
Examples of small ads for The Sperm Bank, Local Bookstore, Vehicle Donation Charity.
Center image: Large trade show banner (other materials for show, not shown).

Special event package: Large street banner, invitation, attendance and tour tickets,
reply slip, and single spread from historical and flower reference booklet.
All elements, design to print ready.

Antique show exhibitor ads, hundreds done yearly (Asian, Tribal, Ceramics).
Working as a team, have produced over 50 catalogs. These are production challenges with proofs out
and adjustments happening endlessly for months.

For one busy design firm, I have assisted in the production of hundreds of files
for their clients in retail, financial and transportation companies.
This example is a giant poster, done in three languages (common for Old Navy).

Design, production and a whim to change colors every issue, the layout and icon use
are adjusted with monthly variations in content (film office). Bookstore events handout is one of dozens
done monthly with matching window display. Bebin includes logo creation.